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Allo Speed Test

Check your internet speed to know your internet connection
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Comparison Allo Wifi And Other Internet Provider

According to Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Council (MCMC) internet speed should reach at least 90% of the speed purchased plan tested on 5g server using devices that support 5g. Allo Wifi technician would only testing internet speed and reporting issue based Allo own provided router.
There are MCMC guidelines of minimum Mbps quota should be reach for smooth internet performance.

Actual speed test is minimum 90% from full connectivity based on the router provide by ALLO and speed test is run on the 5g frequencies using only device that support 5g.

There are four requirements to get an actual speed test:

• Close other open browser windows and applications (More apps and browser open cause more bandwidth and network congestion that leads to slow internet connection)

• Restart your computer and router (This is to refresh the connection and clear cache memory)

• Switch off all devices that are connected to wifi.

• Running speed test on computer and laptop that connected directly to router by a wired connector (LAN Cable). Note: MCMC guidelines to acquire 90% of speed connectivity is by running speed test based on 5g frequencies using only device that support 5g.

Symmetry Speed

Symmetric internet connection means that the data speed and file transfer rate is the same in both directions. That is, the connection provides the same download and upload speeds, at the same time. Hence show the internet line is stable and smooth.
PING: milliseconds (ms) latency measurement for internet

The lower the ping value, the more it is considered good and the faster the device responds when connected to internet.

We suggest PING value below 6 for smooth and stable internet connection.